SpringTime Advantage

For the fans:

There are several indisputable advantages for playing professional basketball during the spring seasonal months of April, May and June.  Most obvious is that the West Coast Professional Basketball League schedule does not conflict with area high school, college or televised Laker/Clipper games, which are played during the regular fall/winter months of November through March.  For the hungry fan, three additional months will meet their passionate needs! As a bonus, fans will have the opportunity to see college senior players, whose athletic eligibility has just ended, make their professional debut in their local communities.  As these players climb the ladder at the professional level, fans will witness history in the making.

For the players:

The beauty of a springtime basketball season is that so many players, at different stages of their careers, will be available. Senior college players, having just completed their athletic eligibility, will offer the novelty of displaying their talents for the first time at the professional level.  CBA, NBDL and some NBA players will have completed the playoffs in their respective leagues by March, and will be available for employment in the WCBL.  Outstanding players engaged with clubs overseas will be returning to the United States, some prior to April and others in early May.

With this combination of rookies (players just exiting from the college ranks), seasoned stars in the United States minor leagues, and international players, there will be an abundance of talent from which to select a team roster.  From the players’ standpoint, the stakes are high.  Aspirations to play in the NBA or secure substantial income overseas will motivate these players to perform at their greatest level of ability in the WCBL.  In addition, with NBA and overseas scouts in attendance, the incentives increase dramatically.  The high level of play, and the fast-paced action will meet the needs of both the fans and the players.

For the Scouts:

The League will provide NBA scouts an additional opportunity to observe, evaluate and select players for their NBA Summer League teams.

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