WCBL Philosophy

The goal of the WCBL is to establish high level professional basketball teams and family entertainment in mid-sized, west coast communities which do not have convenient access to professional sports.

The WCBL plan is to operate a pro league schedule in April, May and June, prior to the beginning of both the NBA summer program in July and the European professional leagues in August and September. This strategy will allow all players without contracts to play in the WCBL and prepare themselves for other professional leagues. The WCBL plan is to be the most cost efficient professional development league in existence!

The schedule will be constructed so that each team will play two games per week. All games will be within reasonable driving distance and there will be NO overnight stays required. This saves time and money. The league recommends securing small or mid-sized venues such as the local community college or a high school gym with a seating capacity of 900 � 1800 spectators. This will provide an exciting home court atmosphere and keep costs low.

The league management will provide assistance to each local owner in developing a sound business plan for their communities. It is important for each team to be competitive within the league, both on the court and in the front office. A founding principle of the WCBL is that the league be recognized for exhibiting the highest standards of sportsmanship and integrity. Our goal is to assist young men to be successful in both their personal and professional lives.

To be successful, we believe each team must have the following factors:

• local ownership

• presence of a sound business plan

• quality and experienced leadership

• placement of team in appropriate market

• adequate overall capitalization

• small or mid-sized venue

• work ethic and patience

Most minor league basketball teams are not profitable. We are confident that the WCBL will be an exciting exception!

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